Hi! I’m Joy, creator of the Simplify to Multiply® Method, helping women scale their expert business by simplifying their focus.

It’s hard to believe that I’m now in my 12th year as a coach! I feel so lucky to serve amazing clients and have built a robust 7 figure business.

But it wasn’t always that way!

As a mom to three kids, one of them being my daughter with multiple disabilities, I’ve had a lot to juggle while finding my way.

It was definitely an unconventional path that I ended up taking to go from 1K months to a 2M business in just six years. But it’s now become my Simplify to Multiply Method that I teach to my clients.

I didn’t have big goals when I started...

I just wanted to make more money to do good things for our family (private school, vacations, paying down debt) and do work that was fulfilling, knowing I was helping other women.

As a former middle school math teacher, it was a big identity shift to become an online leader. But I can definitely see that every challenge both as a mom and as a growing entrepreneur was an important part of my journey that led to my unique path of growth.

I took all the traditional marketing programs and courses and got bogged down in a lot of tech. I assumed that what they were teaching was the only way to grow your business.

So I worked hard. Every day, when the kids left for school and my husband left for work, I was “heads down”.

But Clients were not coming in. I wasn’t making much money.

FIVE YEARS went by, and it was 2016 and I never made more than 20K in a year!

In 2016 it all came to a head. I either needed to figure out how to start making more money in my business or I had to go get a job!

Even though my husband Brian was making good money in his corporate job, it still wasn’t enough to cover all the extra expenses we had from having two children that needed so many extra things that insurance or the education system wouldn’t pay for.

What I did not realize is that I was implementing too many strategies at once and none of them were working. I was making my path to six figures way too complicated!

I had what Brian now calls the “pillow moment”. This was pivotal for me as it was a new level of commitment internally. Something shifted!

I threw a pillow across the room and said “I’m going to figure this out!”

I went into my office and wrote down three things and said, “I’m just going to focus on these three things”.

It’s interesting to note that after all the things I’d learned up to that point that wasn’t working, I now intuitively knew exactly what I needed to do.

I had an email list of 250 and I was going to make it work.

That year I made $104,000. And I worked less and started actually enjoying my business!

Whoa – I was onto something.

And I’ve continued multiplying and growing ever since.

I wouldn’t have believed six years ago that I would be able to retire out my husband Brian from his corporate job to join me in the business, move to Florida and own two properties (one of them oceanfront where we spend our weekends), pay for private school for 6+ years for both my boys, and build a beautiful team who has become like family.

Right now your big dreams might seem far away.

But they are totally doable when you simplify your focus and stay committed.

That’s exactly what I’m committed to in serving my clients.

If you’d like to know more about working with me to make your bold vision real, click below to send me a message!

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