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I’m so excited that you want a simple, clear path to bring in consistent new clients!

Ideally, the easiest way to scale quickly is to package your expertise into a $3,000 or more offer.

The year that I made my first six figures, I focused on just enrolling clients into a 3K package.

However, you might not quite be at that price point in your own mind yet. If not, no big deal…you’re on your way!

If you are building to your first six figure year, my Simplify to Multiply Quantum Leap program is for the ambitious woman like you who would love to be signing on more clients more often and more easily.

The Quantum Leap program

You’ve taken a lot of courses and programs already, but they all made you work so hard to get clients! You just want your business growth to feel lighter and simpler.

And you’re just **so done** with not making the money that you “thought” you were going to make. You’ve had enough of all the complicated strategies (funnels, ads, landing pages, to name just a few).

Instead, you want a simple path to enroll clients into your package on a regular basis.

……without having to take on just any client because you need the cash.

……without needing to first build a huge email list or Facebook group.

……without having to get on calls with people who are not going to invest in themselves.

You’re ready to align your business with your true zone of genius so you go from “likable expert” to a leader who has consistent clients and momentum.

There are just five simple steps:

Step1: Identify your YES client and your unique and differentiated expertise

Step 2: Create/fine-tune your package to match that YES client and your expertise.

Step 3: Create intentional messaging that gets your YES clients reaching out

Step 4: Follow a simple process for enrolling clients that honors you and honors them

Step 5: Grow your audience with more YES clients

You’ll use this for the lifetime of your business.

I STILL DO many years later.

Over 16 weeks, you’ll build a framework for your business that brings back the energy and momentum of your BIG vision (woohoo – it’s time!) with a simple focus to get the client generation going quickly.

And here’s the really cool thing…..

…….this structured, strategic process facilitates a BIG inner up-level of your thinking! You’ll move through any remaining resistance, self-doubt, perfectionism, or overthinking that has kept you STUCK in the past.

A few of the many things that clients LOVE about the Quantum Leap program:

You start out with a 1:1 session with me! Quantum Leap is very personalized and you’ll be interacting with me directly throughout the program.

Every single piece of written content is reviewed by one of my experienced copy coaches (via Loom video) before you share with your audience.

An intimate like-minded community where everyone is working on the same things and you never get lost in the crowd.

You’ll have a high level of support every step of the way as you learn the simple path to bring in new clients and then do that month after month.

Send me a message and let me know you’d like to apply for the Quantum Leap program.


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